Many women prefer clitoral stimulation and have trouble getting off from traditional dildos. Clicking the buttons on our page will take you to the original manufuctures page. With all of the counterfeit sex toys out there we realized going direct to manufucturer is still the best way to get authentic clit sucking vibrators. Our method provides competitive pricing while ensuring high quality.

Take a look at some of the incredible deals we've found for you:


WeVibe Melt Clit Sucking Masturbator

One of the most talked about and recommended clit sucking toys on the market. The wevibe melt would top Oprah's O List if she started including sex toys! Luxury does come at a price, but if you can afford it this clit sucking vibrator and app combo will have you reeling in pleasure!

IN STOCK NOW $147.24

Satisfyer Pro 2+

Proprietary Air-Pulse Technology, meant to excite your clitoris into pure bliss. Unlike other clitoral stimulators that require direct contact, the satisfyer induces orgasms without touch. This Satisfyer model features a vibrating rim with 10 powerful modes for the extra orgasmic kick.


Lelo Sona 2

SenSonic technology is used in SONATM 2 to stimulate more clitoris than ever before. SONATM 2 Cruise maintains the distinctive pulsations during usage, so when pressed forcefully against the body, more power is released for a powerful, deep release.

IN STOCK NOW $102.99

Womanizer Premium

Womanizer has made this fantasy a reality thanks to the revolutionary Pleasure Air Technology. With the Womanizer Premium, soft air vibrations massage your cIitoris in up to 12 intensity levels. Suction varys from gentle to strong or lay back, relax, and let the fully automated mode bring you to orgasm!

IN STOCK NOW $191.89

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator with 9 Intensities

No frills, strictly business, in a beautiful form. This isn't your average clit sucker. 9 different swirling motions make sure you'll reach an enjoyable orgasm. 100% waterproof!


Tracy's Dog

Legendary sex toy that showed how a well designed product from a proven team knows how to meet the market demands. This toy will leave your legs shaking. Try it out for yourself!


Sucky Ducky Clit Sucker

Bathtime is so much more fun now that the all new waterproof sucky ducky has arrived. This beginner level clit sucker gets the job done fast. Everything you need and more to give you gushing orgasms in a matter of minutes.


Rose Toy Clit Sucking Masturbator

Here we have another toy for you that is water-resistant and always ready for wet fun. USB rechargeable, no batteries needed. Just plug it in and in 30 minutes, it will be ready for you. You've probably heard about the viral rose toy before!


Squirrel Toy Clit Sucking Masturbator

This little guy goes off when you turn him on. Watch the vibrating squirrel bounce and you'll know he means business. Use the mouth for a suction vibe or the tail for insertion. This vibe is multipurpose with quiet and discrete operation.


Clit sucking toys are a great way for women who prefer this type of stimulation to enjoy the pleasures of self stimulation. Modern clit sucking toys have become massively popular lately. Take for example the Rose Toy that took over Tiktok in late 2020 and early 2021 resulting in millions of women raving about it this product and having it completely sell out. We recognized this trend and compiled a list of the best clit sucking masturbation toys women can find. We even went as far as to contact the manufacturers and secure special discounts which we will give you links for on this page and wherever possible we'll provide coupon codes for you to use at checkout.